The Best Cheap Smart Home Devices

Discover the ultimate guide to the best cheap smart home devices. Upgrade your living space with these affordable and innovative gadgets that bring convenience and efficiency to your everyday life. From smart lights and plugs to voice assistants, we've curated a list of budget-friendly options that don't compromise on quality. Explore our recommendations and transform your home into a smart haven without breaking the bank. Automate your home and enjoy the benefits of a connected home with the best cheap smart home devices.

5/16/20233 min read

Switch Bot

Price: $29.00

Qty: 1 Pack

This switch bot is a creation made to flip the switch or any button on or off. It connects to your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, the SmartThings app, and the Switch Bot app. The connection is Bluetooth. The switch bot allows you to set up to 5 times and schedules for when you want the switch bot to turn anything on and off. The way they attach is with 3M tape. Based on the 4.7-star rating on Amazon, this is a new exciting way to automate your home.

no. 5

Smart Plug Grove

Price: $28.99

Qty: 4 Pack

This smart plug is essential to making your home smart. It connects to your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and the grove home app. The connection is via wifi or Bluetooth, with a response time of 0.01 seconds. You can also set a time and schedule for when you want the plugs to turn on and off. They also have a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, check it out.

no. 4

Smart Bulb

Price: $11.89 or $33.99

Qty: 1 PK or 4PK

This is the Gove Smart Bulb, it can connect to your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and the Grove app. This bulb is an LED light with 16 million custom colors you can choose from. They have a music sync feature, as well as time and schedule. The connectivity is via WIFI and you can control them as a group. These bulbs have a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

no. 3

Outdoor smart plug

Price: $29.99

Qty: 1 plug

To create the most out of a smart home, you need it to be inside and out. With the outdoor smart plug, you can control outdoor lighting or other accessories. This plug is weather resistant and can be used with Amazon Alexa. The two plugs can be controlled independently. This has a 4.5-star review on Amazon.

no. 2

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen release)

Price: $49.99 ($29.99 occasional deal price)

Qty: 1 Eco Dot

This is the main essential piece for a smart home. I know it is $49.99 but Amazon sometimes has a deal to get it for cheaper. If that is too expensive you can also purchase the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) priced at 19.99. This voice assistant is what makes a smart home run, as it connects to a lot of smart home technology. “Alexa” is a virtual assistant and you can ask it to do things like, turning on your smart bulbs or smart plugs. It can also connect to smart locks, smart thermostats, smart fans, and more! It can act as a speaker and has motion detection. This has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.

no. 1